In a concerted effort to clean up some detritus that’s been clogging up my living space, I came upon a wealth of old Sox games and other ephemera on musty Maxell videotapes. I threw up most of the older stuff last week, but rather than pull a Doc Brown and keep us trapped in the past indefinitely (although there’s nothing wrong with a little quality Crispin Glover time), I decided to dole it out in small, bite-sized doses each week. On Tuesdays. Until I run out of stuff or you’re all sound asleep.

So here’s a brief clip from the 2004 Rally What Rolls, in which the duck boats stop for a moment, and some fans approach Gabe Kapler, AKA The Hebrew Hammer, AKA Mazel Tough, for autographs. And just as he starts signing a cap and paper for some girl, the rally starts rolling again. When The Hammer eventually realizes what’s up, he turns back and gives the signed cap and paper a good old fashioned hurling into the crowd behind him.

Sure, it’s not the most exciting clip you’ll ever see. But I always wondered if that girl ever got her cap back. And as an added bonus: Bob Lobel discusses free agency!