Just getting around to reading last Sunday’s Herald (that’s just how action-packed my life is, folks) and I came across this interesting bit from Massarotti:

As the Red Sox approach spring training – with or without Johan Santana – here is something worth arguing against the deal: Some time in the next few years, perhaps, the Sox may be faced with the reality of replacing David Ortiz [stats] or Manny Ramirez [stats] – or both – and there is little indication that the Sox have a hitter the caliber of either in their organization.

Subsequently, players like Jon Lester [stats], Clay Buchholz and Jacoby Ellsbury could be more valuable in a later trade, though it certainly could be argued that the value of each never will be higher than it is right now.

Which brings us to the following:

If history holds to form – and if the Florida Marlins continue to trade away their best players as free agency approaches – might not Hanley Ramirez be available by trade eventually? And if so, could the Sox effectively reverse the Ramirez-Josh Beckett [stats] deal by sending pitching prospects to the Marlins for the All-Star shortstop?

Hey, it might not be much. But it’s something to talk about besides Roger Clemens.