Much to the disgust of family and friends, I think Peyton Manning is a funny bastard. His commercials crack me up and his appearance on SNL was hilarious. Except for this part of his monologue:

You know, when you win the Super Bowl, the biggest challenge is not having a letdown year the next year, and so you ask, “How do I stay motivated?” Well, let me tell you a little story. I was recently visiting a Veteran’s Hospital in Boston, and I sat with Joe O’Malley – 85 years old, an incredible guy and he said to me, “Peyton, what do Tom Brady and the circus have in common?” I said, “What’s that, Joe?” He said, “They both have two more rings than you do.” [audience reaction is mixed between laughter and groans, which Peyton shrugs off ] You know, I really Joe, honestly, I want to say Thanks, because of that comment I’m gonna go back and work hard to be sure and kick y’all’s ass next year!

Funny – yes, likable – not-so-much. I doubt Peyton would visit any hospital unless there was a camera crew with him filming a commercial and someone handing him a check on his way out. Sorry, Peyton, work a little harder next year.