In this era of major league primadonnas, billionaire arseholes, juicers, liars, cheaters, tell-all biography hustlers, daycare Fellinis and fast food assassins, this quote from Mike Lowell, as seen on, just feels so good, so right.

“I feel like I’m more of a baseball player than a businessman,” Lowell said on the night he signed his new deal. “I kind of weighed where I felt comfortable, where I thought I could produce the best with the team that has a chance to win a world championship, and it was Boston. On top of that, we just won, and I think I played with a set of teammates that are unparalleled and with a manager the same way and with a fan base that’s unbelievable.”

Man, I can’t wait for Opening Day.

Someone else who’s gotta be pretty jazzed for 2008 is Doug Mirabelli, who just got a one-year ticket on the Tim Wakefield Retirement Fund Express. To mark the occasion, our Doug-lovin’ and ridiculously hot pal Kristen at Basegirl is kicking it Mirabelli style. In other words, cheap food, cheap beer and the strong likelihood of a police escort.