Tickets go on sale Saturday for the next Hot Stove Cool Music concert, which will be held Sunday, January 6 at the Paradise. Tickets — if you can get ’em — will put you up close and personal with THE GAMMONS, embedded Red Sock Bronson Arroyo, the cuter-than-all-f@#k Kay Hanley, some Dropkick Murphys guys, Dickie from the Bosstones and I’ll assume at least some of the Buffalo Tom guys, even though they aren’t listed on the roster.

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Great piece in yesterday’s Globe on Enza Sambataro, AKA the future Mrs. Youk, who explains in painful detail how she went from Ben Affleck to some car dealership trust fund dude to He Whose Beard Scares Children. Aim high, I always say. Aim high.

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Theo Epstein and wife just had a baby boy, so perhaps he’ll be so swept up in glad tidings he’ll forgive me for leaving him that voicemail message about Julio Lugo touching me indecently.

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On EEI this morning, Our Man Curt predicted the Sox would land Santana:

“I just know that once you leave the winter meetings, things don’t go on the same schedule,” Schilling said, “but I really think it’s going to happen.”

Schilling talked about what the Red Sox rotation would be like with Santana in the mix.

“That just seems to me to be a potentially unfair setup, in a really cool way,” Schilling said of a potential fantasy rotation of Josh Beckett, Santana, Schilling, Daisuke Matsuzaka and one of Tim Wakefield, Jon Lester, or Clay Buchholz.

He joked, “I’m looking at being a spot-starter No. 5 guy, which I’m entirely OK with because I see us having trouble not winning 120 games.”

Schilling also said he didn’t think Santana would care that Josh Beckett wants the ball on Opening Day.

Not if he doesn’t want to find his ass in the cross hairs of a rifle, anyway. You gonna try to pry the ball from Commander Kick Ass’ steel-like grip?