Thank you Brian Billick. Without your inept coaching the Patriots might have been tagged with their first loss of the season. But you wouldn’t let it happen. Your time-out on fourth and one not only gave the Pats another life, but stopped the clock and gave them more time to live that life. With Captain Douchebag Don Shula watching, well, that made it even sweeter. Worse than coughing up a chance to break history, you just pissed off Ray Lewis. Watch your back, Brian.

Last night’s game should have been a loss. But when you’re on an historic run like the Patriots, sometimes the bounces…and the time-outs…and the false starts…and the holding calls, go your way. And everyone in the free world know you don’t give Tom Brady a second – never mind a third or fourth – chance. And just like a bad Hollywood script, the Pats staged the unlikeliest of comeback wins, even stopping the Ravens on the one after completing a Hail Mary on the last play of the game.

So the streak continues. And I don’t see a team on the horizon that can break it. The Steelers are frauds, exposed by the Jets. And then a couple of AFC East “rivals” followed by Eli Manning. Bring on the playoffs.

Oh, then there’s this. Happy Tuesday.