The 2004 post-season is defined by two turning points. The first was The Steal. The second was that home run by Mark Bellhorn in Game One of the World Series. At a point when the game really could have gone either way, and the high of the 2004 ALCS was on the cusp of dissolving in a blown 7-2 lead, The Bell administered the first nail in St. Louis’ coffin (the second and third coming courtesy of Schill and Petey). On the heels of a foul shot that got our hearts pumping red blood and vodka, that home run hit Pesky’s Pole with a thump so glorious, I still wonder if they didn’t have Spielberg’s people working the soundboard to give it all a little more oomph.

Thanks again, Mark Bellhorn.

Bonus batter: Not visible in this clip is that little “point” the Bell gave to his mates in the Sox dugout as he huffed to first. Man, Capra himself couldn’t have scripted something better.

Also: I’m guessing the dude dancing at 1:49 couldn’t have imagined his white-boy shuffle preserved for countless future generations to enjoy. But it was. And they will.

This clip, of course, comes from the dee-luxe 2004 Red Sox DVD set. If you don’t own it, to paraphrase Jack Black in High Fidelity, it’s ridiculous.