With Andy Pettitte set to come back to the Yankees for another season, the Johan web gets a little more tangled. The Sox have apparently added the thought-to-be untouchable Jacoby Ellsbury to their offer, and Hank Steinbrenner has thrown the “take it or leave it” gauntlet. Hot stove, indeed.

Even with Pettitte, you have to think the Yankees have more of a need to get Santana than the Red Sox. Seriously, who is the Yankees ace? Wang? Pettitte? Hughes? I don’t think so. I suspect Hank is cracking open his second pack of Camels right about now trying to figure out how to land Santana.

As far as the Sox go, I can’t see Theo parting with Ellsbury and locking up 150 mil on one player. This smells like running up the price to me. And while Hanks says “he won’t be played” by the Red Sox, does he really have a choice? We’ve seen the result of Hank’s hard stand against A-Rod.

So, SG Nation, I ask you this: is Santana worth Ellsbury and $150 million?