If you listened to music at all during the late seventies or early eighties, you know Dan Folgelberg. If there’s a song you remember from back then that tugs at the heartstrings or brings a sad, wistful smile to your face, it was probably Dan Fogelberg singing it. Fogelberg was diagnosed in 2004 with advanced prostate cancer. Sadly, Fogelberg lost the battle with cancer yesterday and passed away at the young age of 56 at his home in Maine.

Fogelberg is best known for his 1981 album, The Innocent Age. It featured a string of hits that were more like stories set to music than most songs of that era. Hard to Say tells of the tenuous grip on love, while Another Auld Lang Syne haunts you with the memories of love already lost. Leader of the Band is a tribute to Fogelberg’s father, also a musician, who would pass away within a year of the album’s release.

Too often it seems, the gifted leave us at an early age.

If you believe in forever
Then life is just a one-night stand
If there’s a rock and roll heaven
Well you know they’ve got a hell of a band
~The Righteous Brothers