Today’s Herald tells us that Mike Lowell and Terry Francona have been invited to a “baseball-themed dinner” at the White House, which either means there’ll be lots of highfalutin’ MLB stars in attendance, or they’re serving hot dogs. Either way, it’s good to hear that Mikey’s enjoying the perks of being World Series MVP. It’s also good to hear how jazzed he is about his three-year deal with the Sox:

“I think it’s a three-year motivating test,” he said, “for me to prove that despite everyone thinking it’s just for three years, it’s the beginning of something that is going to last more than three years.”

In other news, there’s what we think is important — “does she like me?”, “is there a Starbucks nearby?”, “why doesn’t the Swanson Hungry Man dinner come with two desserts?” — and then there’s what’s truly important. The Red Sox understand the difference, God love ’em.