After sucking so badly that scientists in Zurich had to work overtime to develop new dimensions of suck just to accommodate him, Eric Gagne has followed up his ridiculously sub par work with the Sox by signing with the Milwaukee Brewers to the tune of 10 million dollars for 2008. Dude, was the guy who runs around in the Bernie Brewer suit working the papers up for this one?

Well, good for him, I say. I prefer to keep my focus on other things. Like this cool interview with Hideki Okajima that appeared on Japanese radio and the Globe has lovingly transcribed. Check this:

Y: What was the most memorable game this season? I know you must have
many, but just one that you can think of now.

O: The one that I was probably most excited about was the game I saved against the Yankees [on April 20]. It was at Fenway Park, it was against the arch enemy, Yankees, and it was my first ever save in the Major League. Everyone was very excited about it, and all of the teammates came to congratulate me. It was like winning the pennant. I was very happy.

Y: So you went out and celebrated that night after? A wild party?
With your wife?

O: No, no, no… [laughs] we didn’t do anything. I didn’t have the time or mental luxury to celebrate. There was no time to relax, or to celebrate. No time to let it loose during the season.

Y: Wait, you mean the whole season?

O: Yeah, the whole season. I didn’t let it loose the whole time. Well, after we clinched the division, maybe a little bit. But not much at all.

In other news, we’ve got a few Sox Addict tees left for your holiday shopping enjoyment. Remember, all moneys go to support Denton’s booze and Wheetabix addiction. So it’s all good.