To wear red on Fridays.

Let me get this out of the way up front: I generally don’t give a rat’s ass what Schill has to say about anything not pitching-related. He’s had not one, but two chances to shine some light on the steroids issue – first in the Congressional hearings and recently in the Mitchell investigation – and he uncharacteristically kept his mouth shut. But over at 38 Pitches, Curt tells a story that every Schilling-lover or Schilling-hater alike should read.

Most people have probably seen the “wear red on Fridays” plea before. On the Internet somewhere or maybe in a chain-letter e-mail. There is a lot of debate on how it even started. But who cares how it started? I’ll keep my own political beliefs out of it, but I think a nationally-recognized, apolitical symbol for support of the troops is a good thing. I have a nephew serving in Iraq and I’d like to think a movement such as this would lift his spirits.

So, I’ll be wearing mine as well Curt.