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The Boston Red Sox remain the favorite to acquire Johan Santana from the Twins, insiders say.

Boston remains firm, though, as initially reported by the Pioneer Press, in offering just Jon Lester, Coco Crisp, Jed Lowrie and Justin Masterson. The Red Sox are adamantly opposed to substituting Jacoby Ellsbury for Crisp, and that’s the current holdup.

Regardless, there’s buzz that the Santana trade could be made within days.

Boston has a larger pool of players who interest Minnesota and can contribute to the Twins immediately, whereas many of the New York Yankees’ top prospects are at least a season or two away from succeeding in the major leagues. The Yankees remain firmly opposed to trading pitchers Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy together for Santana, and they certainly won’t trade Joba Chamberlain.

“Within days”? Dudes, I fully support any decision to interrupt holiday proceedings in my house with Santana-related news. And as if that wasn’t enough awesome for one day, we also have Curt calling on Roger to return some of his Cy Young awards:

Roger has denied every allegation brought to the table. So as a fan my thought is that Roger will find a way in short order to organize a legal team to guarantee a retraction of the allegations made, a public apology is made, and his name is completely cleared. If he doesn’t do that then there aren’t many options as a fan for me other than to believe his career 192 wins and 3 Cy Youngs he won prior to 1997 were the end. From that point on the numbers were attained through using PED’s. Just like I stated about Jose, if that is the case with Roger, the 4 Cy Youngs should go to the rightful winners and the numbers should go away if he cannot refute the accusations.

I know Denton can give or take The Schill, but I’m an unabashed Curt lover. Ever since that moment in 2004 when he toasted “the greatest Red Sox team ever assembled”, then kissed Johnny Pesky full on the lips (whereas the rest of us have to settle for snuggling up to our Mego Johnny Pesky action figures), he cemented his place in my heart. Our lives in Red Sox Nation are infinitely more interesting for having him around, and I can only hope that some snazzy exec at NESN is readying several post-Sox career opportunities for the guy. In fact, how about “The Schillings,” which would follow Curt, Shonda and kids around the house and Medfield proper, a la “The Osbournes.” Throw in Timlin as the slightly unbalanced Vietnam vet next door. Maybe Julian Tavarez as the “mailman with a difference.” And Josh Beckett inexplicably living in the family’s basement, dispensing advice to the various family members on everything from how to fix a dishwasher to prepping for the junior prom (“Guns and condoms, kids. You’re gonna need ’em both.”) F@#k it, I’m gonna pitch that one myself.

Oh, and say what you will about Roger, few can deny the unstoppable awesomeness that is this commercial — arguably the best thing the guy’s done in the past five years.