Well, we made it. Another year under the belt, another year lies ahead, full of promise. For the sports-minded, 2007 worked out pretty damn good in Boston. A Red Sox World Series, a perfect season for the Pats, and a bad-luck-ping-pong-ball-turned-magical for the Celtics. For the rest of the country, everyone suffered through the Bonds fiasco and December brought the Mitchell report in all its glory and ambiguity, leaving Bud Selig holding a bag of shite. And who thinks he’ll make the right decisions? A tie in the All-Star game should answer that question.

At midnight, 2008 bursts into our lives. The Pats are three wins away from another Superbowl, the Celts are off to the second-best start in NBA history, and the Red Sox team of ’08 will look a lot like the championship team of ’07. Sports in Boston was never better.

From the rarefied air at Surviving Grady Enterprises, Red and I would like to express our thanks for the support we get from our readers all year. We started this thing back in 2004 selfishly as an outlet for our obsession. I think we now do it for all of you as much as we do it for ourselves. Our only resolution is to keep this place somewhere that you all want to keep coming back to.

Be careful tonight, be safe. Happy New Year!