The Yankees have been a seemingly endless source of comedy for me for the last couple years, but this latest news of A-Rod’s return to New York — to the tune of 10 years at $275 mill — is something even Norman Lear would be hard-pressed to top. According to today’s Post, The Ego That Walked is begging the Yanks to take him back:

Rodriguez made the short trip from Orlando to Tampa yesterday and met with the Steinbrenner family and Yankees officials at Legends Field where, according to Hank Steinbrenner, the soon-to-be-named AL MVP informed the club he wants No. 13 back.

“Alex, at this point, wants to be a Yankee and is willing to make sacrifices,” Steinbrenner said. “Apparently he has had a change of heart so we will see. He reached out to us through a third party and it appears he wants to be a Yankee.”

But it doesn’t stop there. As reported pretty much everywhere, they still want Scenic Lowell, but as their first baseman:

A Yankees official confirmed yesterday the club is talking to the World Series MVP about moving from third to first and playing for the team he broke into professional baseball with.

Until Tuesday, the world champion Red Sox had Lowell, 34 in February, to themselves regarding financial discussions. Immediately following the Red Sox four-game sweep of the Rockies, Lowell spoke of wanting to stay in Boston. However, the Yankees let him know they were willing to talk to him even Rodriguez returned. Now, with Rodriguez close to coming back, the Yankees want Lowell to play first base.

Lowell, who broke into the big leagues by playing seven games for the 1998 Yankees, has never played first base. He has Gold Glove skills at third, but the Yankees aren’t worried about him making the move.

“All I can say at this time is that the Yankees have engaged us,” said Lowell’s agent, Seth Levinson.

Yep, I totally expect Mr. Roper to come barging through that door at any minute.