One of my fellow West Roxbury homies just alerted me to this: The Inside Track tells us that Manny Ramirez is once again shilling to the people. Only this time, it’s not a grill, it’s a Chrysler 300M. And the auction is being handled by West Roxbury Motors.

Check it:

“It’s a fun car,” said West Roxbury Motors’ Jerry Nasif, who is handling the sale of the car for Manny. “It has a lot of custom features, 22-inch wheels, chrome, a custom grill. It was Manny’s personal drive.”

But wait, there’s more!

“The lucky winner will get a trunk full of autographed items, a jersey, bat and ball, four tickets to a future Red Sox game and a meet-and-greet with Manny to talk about the car,” Nasif said.

A meet and greet with Manny to talk about the car?!? Sold! Dudes and dudettes, surely we can generate enough bucks to snag this thing. Kinda like when JJ and his teammates from the basketball team pooled their cash and bought a car on Good Times.

::does the “westie pride” hand salute::