When I was a kid trick-or-treating, the most I’d score, if I was lucky, was a couple Hershey bars. But these freakin’ kids got some V-Tek autographs:

This Halloween, Jason Varitek gave trick-or-treaters something infinitely more valuable than a king-sized Snickers bar. The Red Sox captain sat in a lawn chair at the top on his driveway and handed out autographs, signing baseballs, hats, shirts, pillow cases stuffed with candy, and a green alien glove from a youngster’s costume.

“Waban has been good to us and respected our privacy,” Varitek said yesterday in an interview at his home. “It was a good opportunity for me to say thanks.”

You just know that somewhere, simultaneously, Josh Beckett was sitting on his steps with some cigarettes and a tattoo needle, ready for any kids looking to ink up.