Kevin Youkilis, who may very well inherit the handle Mazel Tough now that Kapler AKA The Hebrew Hammer is no longer with us, won his first Gold Glove. Also, his beard won the coveted “most likely to frighten young children” award from Highlights Magazine. So Youk gains instant hillbilly cred, while also getting props for his stellar defense at first throughout 2007.

Speaking of beards, the Sox are now apparently turning their attention to Mike Lowell, who says he wants to return to Boston but I can’t imagine he wouldn’t at least stick a few toes in the free agent waters. The Cap’n issued his two cents to the Providence Journal:

“Mike’s been our staple in our lineup all year,” said Red Sox captain Jason Varitek after the club’s Game Four sweep in Colorado. “He’s come up with big hit after big hit and that’s why he drove in 120 during the regular season.”

Would you like to see him back next season?

“I would love to,” said Varitek. “He plays great defense. He’s a huge part of this team and we would love to see him back in this uniform.”

Amen, brother.