I don’t get to read Curt’s blog as often as I’d like to, but last night, fueled by left over turkey and about 3 liters of Miller High Life, I started shuffling through the past month’s worth of pages. Lots of cool stuff that folks have already been mentioning in the comments section for some time now, like the thank you notes to Scenic Lowell. But the one thing that caught my eye was this bit from Tuesday:

FWIW anyone out there know Nile Rogers? I am going to be meeting him in the coming weeks as we talk about a partnership going forward. This guy is truly a rock star of significant proportions. I’ve been able to do some reasearch and his resume and accomplishments are off the charts. He’s done some fantastic work in and out of the industry and the thought that he’ll help drive the audio portion of this IP is pretty exciting!

Curt and Nile Rodgers in the same room? I don’t think my head can even wrap itself around the logistics of cool that will be generated by this unholy alliance. I was aware of Rodgers’ work with Chic and his lengthy production credits, but never knew he was doing video game soundtracks (which a quick visit to his website reveals).

So Rodgers can now say he’s worked with Mick Jagger, Madonna, David Bowie, David Lee Roth, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton… and Curt Schilling. Sweet.