Asterisk This!: Barry Bonds could face up to 30 years in prison if he is convicted of perjury charges. The whole story is here:

Without detailing the evidence they plan to present, justice officials for the first time declared that Bonds has tested positive for anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing substances.
That could lead to Bonds being stripped of the US home run milestone he set earlier this year, although Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig gave no hint about that prospect in a statement.
“I take this indictment very seriously and will follow its progress closely,” Selig said. “It is important that the facts regarding steroid use in baseball be known.”

Bud Selig is funny. How does he stand upright without the benefit of a spine? I wonder how Barry will sleep at night in one of those prison-issue cots and without his giant pillow.

The Next Home Run King?: While the details of the A-Rod mega-deal are still being worked out, the NY Times is reporting there may be an additional bonus in the already-insane offer:

The sides are discussing a marketing plan in which Rodriguez, 32, would benefit financially as he passes home run benchmarks in the coming seasons. He has 518 home runs and is 17th on the career list. If he passes Babe Ruth, who
had 714 homers, and Hank Aaron, who had 755, he would trail only Barry Bonds, who has 762.
“These are not incentive bonuses, For lack of a better term, they really are historic-achievement bonuses.
It’s a horse of a different color.”

Glad to see Hank and A-Rod kissed and made up. The real winner in this deal is Texas.

Chin Music: Wouldn’t both men look better if Youk had part of his chin surgically removed and donated it to Jorge Posada?