Even after watching it 500 times, Manny’s game-two-winning, heart-attack-inducing, pimped-out-to-the-extreme, earned-you-or-a-teammate-a-fastball-off-the-jublees home run still gets me giddy. And bonus props to the guy for coming up with the single greatest line heard in a post-game press conference all season: “When you don’t feel good and you still get hits, that’s when you know you are a bad man.”

Still hard to believe this was the guy’s first-ever walk-off home run as a Red Sock. Ever since his first-ever at-bat for the home team at Fenway, when he crushed the first pitch for a three-tun home run, I’d just assumed he’d been collecting walk-offs like a BC freshman chick tearing through cans of Natural Light.

Anyway, today’s kinda like Christmas — we may well be celebrating the Sox taking the ALDS and a Yankees elimination party. Either way, you can’t go out this afternoon; just stay home and watch baseball. You’re gonna miss it when it’s gone, baby.