The Red Sox have shown the world how they play ball: to win. In game one, it was the power of the lumber supporting one Mr. Beckett. In game two, it was shutdown pitching from Schill and “the Pap-ajima show” to finish. What will game three bring?

Francona has out-managed all takers in the post-season, tonight will be perhaps his biggest challenge. He has decided Youkilis will be the odd man out, starting Big Papi at first and keeping Lowell at third. He will also bat Ellsbury lead-off, followed by Pedroia. Tough decisions all around, especially sitting Youk’s .396 post-season average. No doubt he’ll make an appearance to pinch-hit and serve as a defensive replacement.

On the entertainment scale, seeing the Diceman with a bat in his hand should be fun. I’m sure McCarver will have some nonsensical observations to push us all to the brink of violence.

Good times.