Howdy, Colorado. Josh Beckett here. Yeah, f@#kin’ ALCS MVP Josh Beckett. That one. Your Rockies worked me over pretty good back in June. I was 9-and-f@#kin’-0 at the time and those sonsabitches handed me beatdown of a loss. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been working on my game all summer, hoping for a shot at another ring. Guess what? Here I am.

As if being the f@#king ace of the Boston Red Sox wasn’t enough motivation to go out and kick some Denver ass, I’ve got that game in June to think about. As my man Bruce said, “a little revenge and this too shall pass.”

You can take your John Denver and your f@#kin’ steer balls and shove ’em up your snow-capped asses. I’m here to f@#kin’ win. I started this f@#kin’ train when I won the f@#kin’ All Star Game to give us home field. Yeah, that was me, too. Now I’m here to finish it.

So bring on your f@#kin’ gap-hitting, thin-air-breathing, weak-ass hitters. I’ve got a little somethin‘ for ’em.