In Wednesday’s post, I conjured a scenario in which the Papel-Bot gives up a grand-slam. Later that evening, he gave up a grand slam.

Then, yesterday, I dropped a Gabe Kapler reference. Later that morning, the Hebrew Hammer [AKA Mazel Tough!] announces that he’s planning a comeback.

So right now, people, I’m working on a post in which I win the lottery, Joba Chamberlain gets attacked by Sleestaks, Spring Okajima emerges from the Fenway Time Machine to replace Late Summer Okajima, the Blue Jays unleash hellfire and wedgies on the Yankees, Manny returns to put up October numbers that make Reggie Jackson look like a punk, Mike Timlin punches Tim McCarver square in the crackers on national TV, Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia appear on Jay Leno to discuss the Sox’ 2007 World Series win, and Amalie Benjamin snuggles up alongside me in my Landspeeder as we pull an easy buck-thirty down route 95.