While Red basks in the beauty of the Great White North, catching up on the latest hockey and curling news, the rest of us eagerly await the final stretch of the 2007 regular season. Baseball season, that is. Six games to go, and a magic number of five. CHB has an interesting article today. He outlines the debate between going for the division by any means necessary, and giving players rest and nursing them back to health, taking your chances as the wild card team.

The sad thing is that the Red Sox shouldn’t even be in this position. The division title should have been wrapped up and they could be getting rest and getting healthy. They could have their cake and eat it too, whatever the f*%k that means. But a few questionable moves, and a guy named Gagne, and here we are.

Of course, things aren’t as extreme as Napoleon makes them out to be. I think the Sox can accomplish both: win the division without risking the playoff health or long-term health of an players. Manny can DH – he’s been hitting tape-measure shots in BP for two weeks, Papi can take a day off and rest the knee. An industrial-strength staple gun should keep Gagne on the bench until a double-digit lead is in place. Papelbon pitches in save situations only. Easy, right?

Schilling tonight, and who is a bigger game pitcher than Schill? Maybe a Clemens meltdown in Tampa? Could happen.