See, Lugo’s got the right idea. We take three of four from the Os, Beckett’s got his league-leading 18th win, and we’re back home tonight for a series with the Rays. See how nicely the stage is being set for a sweep of the Yanks next weekend? Because I do.

Busy rushing between things today, but I’ll have more on the current state of the Sox later. For now, please dig on the second-best baseball-themed commercial ever. As for the best, well, they simply don’t come any better than that ’80s Miller Lite clip in which Bob “Mr. Baseball” Uecker gets ushered out of his box seats by security, declaring that he “must be in the front row” before ending up in the bleachers. But, alarmingly, I can’t find that damn spot anywhere — one of the few times since my search for Ruth Buzzi porn that YouTube’s let me down. So, here’s another lesser known but every bit as cool Euck gem, featuring a young, pre-donuts-and-brewskis-for-breakfast John Goodman! They don’t make ’em like this anymore, folks. And that’s a shame.