If there was ever a night to break out the industrial-size can of kick-ass, it’s tonight. The Yankees have already lost, with hapless Seattle putting the boots to Clemens. Mussina pitched out of the ‘pen for the first time in his career. And apparently Ichiro knew this one was over early. From Sportsline.com:

Suzuki then singled in Betancourt and was caught off first in a rundown,
but decided against prolonging the play. The All-Star outfielder promptly bolted
toward the dugout without being tagged as the Yankee Stadium crowd chuckled.

Can’t wait to see the replay.

On a perfect night for baseball in Boston, we look to Ichiro’s countryman to tighten the noose a little more. I’m calling for the bats to put this one away early, then we’ll start talking magic number.