Too drunk and tired to say anything more than hell yeah. Except what the f@#k is Patrick Bateman doing standing behind Lowell in that screencap?

Also: I’m sure I’m not the only one who was praying for Elf to pull a Joe Namath and ask for a kiss from Tina C. Or for Tina to embrace her inner Sarah Silverman and bust with something like, “Hey, Mike Timlin, you just won the AL East. How ’bout a hummer?”

My mind. It’s a dangerous place, people.

For those of you with the benefit of NESN, the celebration show is starting to look like a strange bachelor party/hoedown/Special Olympics hybrid. Larry Lucchino is there with his hot wife, as well as Tom Werner, whose voice always sounds like he’s trying to imitate someone with a squeaky voice. I think they just showed Papelbon’s ass. And someone yelled “mutherf@#ker.” I might have seen Beckett pistol-whipping Jim Belushi. Or perhaps I dreamed that last one.

Oh, and f@#k Giambi.