Meet Josh Beckett – 2007 Cy Young winner.

Beckett’s dominating performance over the Yankees while former contender Chien-Ming Wang crapped the sheets pretty much sealed the award. 19 wins and counting for Beckett, none bigger than yesterday’s. After a crippling loss Friday night that could have sent the Sox spiraling, Beckett stepped up and shut down the Empire with seven strong innings and just for good measure, he left the seam imprint of the ball in Giambi’s back.

All is well with the bats, as the Sox pounded 12 hits against Wang and a crew of bullpen arms that looked about as ready for post-season as the Devil Rays. Ellsbury continues building his legend as wonder-boy, scoring from first on a shallow drive to the outfield and sliding in under the shell-shocked Posada. Hinske had delivered a message earlier to Jorge on a play at the plate.

Tonight, ahhh tonight, we get Clemens versus Schilling. Perhaps the final time these two will face each other – unless there is an ALCS match-up in the works. A Red Sox win should erase the doubt in any morons who still think the division is up for grabs.

You might want to put new batteries in the clicker, I hear there’s some football game tonight too.