First things first, I’d like to see a sweep. What better way to put the exclamation point on the 2007 season — and tender a bit of payback for our sweepage in the Bronx — than to pretty much seal up the division and lay a hurtin’ on the Yanks’ wild card bid. But with Dice-K on the mound tonight… I’m just not sure.

But I know two things:

1) Joba Chamberlain’s reception from the Fenway crowd is going to be something akin to a pederast’s first night in prison.

2) A new record for hit batsmen will be attained, culminating in gunplay during the Schilling-Clemens matchup.

And here’s Tim McCarver’s glorious take from the New York Post:

“What is predictable is that the Yankees and Red Sox are playing an important series in September,’’ McCarver said. “What was unpredictable is the way the teams got there. The thing about the Yankees’ season is that they seem to be peaking at the right time. I think this is the best they have played over the last three seasons. The Red Sox are still the best team in baseball, but the way the Yankees are playing right now certainly makes this series compelling.”

Compelling for me would be six hours of footage of McCarver getting a hornet enema. But I’ll settle for taking two-of-three from the Yankees.