A great article in today’s St. Petersburg Times, in which Scott Kazmir and BJ Upton lament the fact that so many pesky Sox fans have invaded their home turf. I kinda feel bad for the guys, especially when Kazmir notes how envious he is of the support the Sox get at home:

“You don’t understand how much that would get us amped up, get our adrenaline going and make it seem like we’ve really got a chance,” Kazmir said. “You go to Fenway and see how crazy they get in certain situations – they just know the game, they know when the pressure is on the opposing team, and that’s huge. It’s huge to be able to have that advantage at your home field like that.

“It would put the pressure on them instead of having to hear “Let’s go Red Sox” every time they’ve got a guy on. You might think that doesn’t matter at all, but it really just pumps you up if you’ve got 30,000 fans behind you waiting to see you whip some butt.”

That’s your cue, front office. You already busted out the Roger Clemens “please come back to Boston” video. How ’bout exhausting some of that energy on a Kazmir recruitment effort?

And I’m out ’til next Thursday, folks. Denton’s got the keys to the place. So direct your complaints, love sonnets and sandwich orders to him.