I don’t know how it happens every year: one day I’m strolling the beaches ( looking quite fetching in my Speedo and peeling sunburn) with a can of Grape Soda in hand and trading deadline dreams in my head, and the next day there’s football on TV and colored leaves everywhere. But here we are, autumn chill in the air and very meaningful baseball games left to play.

After last night’s shootout, I think we all need to ease into the pre-showdown off-day with a nice relaxing win. A few runs in the first, a few more in the second, and cruise control with Lester and company providing the outs for the good guys.

An added bonus – Mike Mussina is starting for the Yankees! If Toronto is going to take a win, it’s probably this one.

Then we hit the weekend to do a little Joba-hunting, A-Rod-beaning and general mayhem. I think the Sox should truck Zimmer up for the series and have him roll down the mound during the seventh-inning stretch, ya know, just for old times sake.

But I’m getting ahead of myself – see you at 7-ish.