Tonight, we get Timmeh, who is money in the rarified air of The Trop. Of course, he’s going to need to be, as he’s not only up against Scott Kazmir but Tito, as part of his infuriating habit of “resting the guys,” is sitting Ortiz — just as he’s finally showing signs of breaking out of his power slump. Although, in Tito’s defense, Papi is 5-for-34 against Kaz, so who am I to challenge The Mind of Francona?

In other news, during my recent sojurn to Camden Yards, I was fortunate to meet a young lass by the name of Lisa Lacouture, who just happens to be in the running for President of Red Sox Nation. She had a beer with us, which is really all I ever ask of my elected officials, so we happily give the official — and critical — Surviving Grady endorsement to Lisa. Good luck!

Lastly, Bobby Kielty can’t wait to take Manny’s money.