Other things we’ll drink to:

— Dustin going 3-for-4
— Seeing El Bencho back in town
— Sunshine
— Oxygen
— Our country’s space program
— Tina Cervasio
— That standing O for EGag as he walked to the Fenway bullpen last night
— The Gettysburg Address
Watching Jay Payton pull an 0-fer
— Turkey subs
— The majesty that is Papelbon
— Tim Tschida not calling any “phantom tags”
— The PawSox’ “Free Whiskey and Handjob Night” [yes, it was cancelled, but the idea is still classic]
— Mike Lowell, because we know he’d drink right back to us

Anyway, it’s nice to see the team bounce back in the late innings, and especially good to see Youkilis breaking things up with his two-run double in the seventh. And while he’s certainly looked better, Jools performed admirably after getting tossed back into the rotation, giving us the quote of the season when discussing his ability to bounce from the pen to the starting role:

“I told [manager Terry] Francona, ‘Just tell me 30 minutes ahead of time, that’s all I need,’ ” Tavarez said. “A little Bengay, some coffee, some Red Bull, I’m ready to go.”


In other news, I had the pleasure of seeing the world’s most under appreciated band, Deptford’s own Squeeze, at the Cape Cod Melody Tent on Tuesday night. The band is reunited (or at least Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, who are Squeeze for all intents and purposes, are back together) and sounding top notch. My only complaint was with the venue; I’d never been to the CCMT before, and I was amazed not only by the “no cameras” rule, but how emphatically they enforced it. Security was literally coming up to folks and taking their cameras away, telling them to pick them up after the show. I know sometimes it depends a lot on the band, but I’ve seen a bazillion clips on YouTube from Squeeze’s current tour, so apparently they’re allowing cameras at other venues. So is it strictly a CCMT thing? And why the big deal? I could see someone walking in with a goddam film crew, storming the place like Coppola shooting jungle scenes in Apocalypse Now, but for a schlemiel with a 7.2 megapixel Cyber-shot? Not cool, Cape Cod Melody Tent, although I did manage to get a couple in on the final song, when the Camera Nazis were too busy trying to keep folks from dancing in the aisles. Hooray for the concert going experience at CCMT!

Please feel free to share your concert photo exploits, Squeeze love, and Eric Gagne Commemorative Foam Hand buying experiences with us in our comments section.