The whole situation with JD Drew’s son is something that I can honestly say I totally understand and sympathize with. ‘Cause I’ve been there.

A couple years back, when my youngest daughter was roughly the same age as Drew’s son, she was diagnosed with the same thing — developmental hip dysplasia — on her right side. She endured a couple surgeries and spent close to four months in a cast that went from her chest to her toes; a hellish, nerve-wracking time for me and my family.

My daughter’s been out of her cast for over a year, and all, thankfully, seems quite good. Her hip’s doing well, and she moves around at the sort of dizzying pace you’d expect from a three-year old. But there’s always the chance that as she gets older, she’ll need more surgery to keep things growing correctly (tricky things, hips). As with so many other things in life, we cross our fingers and we carry on.

From my experience, it’s a bitch, to be sure. And I can only imagine where his head will be at on this road trip. I send my best to him and his son and his wife.

See you at 10:05, late-nighters.