The man in the picture is Eric Gagne. Based on his expression he is happy, probably having done something good for his team. Red Sox fans have yet to see that. Gagne singlehandedly took a would-be sweep and made it a series loss, blowing leads in two games and allowing the Yankees to creep back within four games of the AL East lead.

The Gagne trade at the deadline, by most accounts, was a good one. Adding a legit major league closer as the set-up guy could only strengthen the bullpen, right? On paper, yes. But it’s starting to look like there is something to that old theory about putting closers in non-save situations. Right now, I don’t know how Tito could even put Gagne in a game that isn’t already out of hand one way or the other. You have to wonder what would have happened if he got into Saturday’s game.

One slightly redeeming quality about Gagne – he hates what is happening. Unlike JD Drew, who seems to take his repeated failure in stride, Gagne went on an F-bomb-laced tirade after the game, taking full responsibility for both losses. Not that it helps, but I’d rather see the accountability and the emotion than listen to the old”I had good stuff” crap that a lot of pitchers sling after getting knocked around.

The margin for error is gone. The three games against Tampa have all got to be W’s. The Angels come to town next and before you know it, the showdown at The Stadium takes place. We need a few insurance games on the lead. The more, the better. Make Tampa your bitches.