During my sad excuse for a lunch break, I was able to watch the Sox’ put the boots to the most aptly named John Lackey in the first inning of game one. As we get set for game two, a couple things we all need to know:

1) Clay Buchholz looked quite good on the hill, even if he is the only guy in the world who makes Dustin Pedroia look like an AARP member. But what I was happiest to see was the return of that smooth Ortiz home run swing.

2) Tim Wakefield’s ward, young Dick Grayson, AKA Doug Mirabelli, has hit the DL after injuring himself in game one, meaning catcher Kevin Cash is being zipped to Fenway via X-Wing, but still may not make it for tonight’s game.

3) Wily Mo Pena has been traded to the Nationals. So expect him to belt 52 home runs between now and September 30.

4) I absolutely want to party with these two.

Okay, now… game time.