Myself and a few characters of ill-repute will be shufflin’ off to Baltimore to watch the Sox take on the Kevin Millar Jug Band at Camden Yards this weekend. To commemorate my first-ever trip to a ballpark that isn’t named Fenway, I wanted to post this classic clip from Hideo Nomo’s no-hitter against the Birds. It’s pulled from an old VHS tape, so the audio’s for shyte and the picture ain’t that much better, but the clip is still remarkable for serving as a living memorial to Mike Lansing’s single greatest contribution to the Boston Red Sox during his short tenure here (filling in for Chris Stynes, no less. Oh, the humanity!).

To properly set the stage, there was one out in the ninth inning of a no-hitter, when a bloop fly threatened to ruin it all. Feel it again, people. Live the magic again.

Peace and goodwill. And for any fellow Sox fans and SGers who’ll be at Camden Yards, I’ll be the guy on the floor.