As the moments tick down to curtain time, The Gammons continues to audition acts for tonight’s Hot Stove Cool Music show at Fenway.

::singing:: …so now I come to you… with f#@kin’ Open Arms… hoping you’ll f#@kin’ see, motherf#@ker…

Woah, whoa. There’ll be kids at this show, Josh. Anyway, that’s not how I remember that Journey classic.

F#@k all. I came to party, motherf@#ker. For my encore, somebody dies.


In tribute to my homeland, I’ll kick off my set with Bryan Adams’ “Cuts Like a–




Okay, so you’re probably wondering why I’m not wearing any pants and have a can of pineapple rings. The thing is–



Leonard Nimoy? What the devil do you want?

I’ve got something of a classic number to contribute to your rock and roll show.

Well let’s see it, Cheech. Time is money.

::lies on floor, eyes burning:: gah.

Got time for one more?

* * * * * * * *

Things I Didn’t Know, vol. 3425: The links to those little photos of the players apparently remain the same throughout their respective careers. As evidence, I give you the Hot Stove bit I did up last year, which featured folks who, at the time, were Sox players. Well… click here and see how things have changed, adding a whole new angle of funny where one barely existed to begin with.

Back on planet Earth, in a virtual repeat of last Friday, the Sox play two today. Commander Kick Ass at 2:05pm, and Schilling in the nightcap. Time to get going on those get out of work excuses!

Also, bidding has ended on Papi’s Mercedes. I wasn’t the winner.