Although it hardly makes up for the sweepage we endured in the 2005 ALDS, I must say I got a perverse sense of satisfaction from seeing the Sox stomp Chicago to a fine paste over the weekend, outscoring the Ozzie Guillen Dancers a staggering 46-7 through the four-game series.

And now, even Ozzie himself is picking us to win the league. Or so he told the Sun-Times:

”They play hard, they hustle, they are in a pennant race, so they have to play like that. The last four days, they are the best team in the American League. I like Seattle, but I think Boston is the team to beat this year.”

In the back of my mind, I’ll admit I was concerned going in. Thought that despite a dismal showing to this point, the Chi-Sox could play the role of spoilers all too easily. But it turned into an ass-whipping more one-sided than the humans-gorillas mash-up at the conclusion of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

Far too many highlights to chose from, but my favorite was probably Bobby Kielty’s home run yesterday. I’m starting to get the feeling that one day, we’ll be speaking of Kielty in the same sort of hushed reverence we save for Dave Roberts.

Anyway, not a bad way to head into New York. Honestly, I’ve got no fears where this upcoming Yanks series is concerned. The pressure’s on them to reverse their free-fall in the AL East standings. We get swept, and at worst, we’re walking out of the Bronx with a four-and-a-half game lead. But we’re not gonna get swept. Dustin would never allow it.

That said, I do have to give Clemens and Pettitte their props for this most amazing commercial for fully cooked meats. But that’s about it.

In other news, tonight’s auction for the Caleb Potter Benefit Fund will feature some pretty cool Sox stuff, including baseballs signed by Schill and the Papel-Bot, and a bat signed by Youk. It’ll be held at the Chequessett Yacht and Country Club in Wellfleet, and for more info you can hit the website.