While the rest of us were wetting ourselves with glee over David Ortiz’ Return to Power Island on Saturday night, Jered Weaver was steaming mad over Papi stopping to admire his grand-slam — his “tough-as-Jeff-Spicoli” glare captured by the NESN cameras.

And apparently, according to today’s Herald, he’s not just gonna let it go.

“Absolutely,” said Weaver when asked if he was upset at Ortiz’ pace around the bases. “Just run the bases. I’ll remember it the next time we play them. I don’t think anything’s going to happen. But it definitely is in the back of your mind.”

When asked about Weaver’s reaction following the home run, Ortiz showed little concern.

“I don’t care about that,” he said after the Angels’ 10-5 loss. “That’s something I don’t pay attention to.”

Man, October’s getting more interesting all the time!