He was swinging the bat and… connecting. For four hits, one of them a home run. He was amazing, this strange, handsome man. And I can only hope that we see more of him–whoever he was–in the near future.

Curiously, a night after the guys couldn’t buy a run, they shake out 14, with Manny — who might just reach 500 home runs this season after all — leading the charge. All of a sudden, the Sox have five batters in the starting line-up hitting over .300, and Coco might just make it six by week’s end.

Not exactly the sharpest pitching performance by Gabbard or Tavarez, but when the offense plugs away like it did last night, you get that wider margin for error. And I’ll gladly take 3 of 4 from the Injuns — a series I really had my doubts about coming in. And now we head to Tampa Bay where we can put a few more Ws in the bag.