I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that one of my Favorite! Bands! Ever!, Buffalo Tom, have just released their first CD in roughly 9 years. It’s called Three Easy Pieces. And it is brilliant.

If you’re a Sox fan, you’ve heard Buffalo Tom’s music; riffs from tunes like “Soda Jerk” and “See To Me” have been used as bumpers during EEI Sox broadcasts. The band also plays the annual Hot Stove, Cool Music concerts, as Buff Tom frontman Bill Janovitz — truly one of the nicest, coolest guys in rock n’ roll — is an FOG (that’s Friend of Gammons to you, punk). And let’s not forget that when Buffalo Tom play HSCM, it’s typically with extra special guest guitarist Theo Epstein in tow.

I had the pleaure of interviewing Bill a few times during my wildly unspectacular days as a freelance writer for the Portsmouth Herald, Seacoast Times Magazine, and other pubs you’ve never heard of. One of those interviews took place on the exact same day that Clemens announced he was signing with Toronto. I told Bill I considered Clemens a Sox traitor, and he said something like, “he’s really a traitor to all of America if you think about it.”

Yep, the guy knew his shit.

Anyway, you know how everyone has their “never disappoints” album? The one that you can listen to, start-to-finish, until the wheels fall off? Mine is Buffalo Tom’s Let Me Come Over. And Three Easy Pieces is every bit as good as that epic disc.

If you’re a fan of melodic power pop that seamlessly channels vintage Stones and the few decent elements of the grunge era, you’ll dig Three Easy Pieces. Download “Bad Phone Call” or “Bottom of the Rain” at iTunes and you’ll get the picture.

Anyway, I’ll be in attendance when BT rocks the Paradise tonight. In the meantime, here’s a vintage Buffalo Tom vid from their Big Red Letter Day disc. Enjoy.