Kinda like how nobody wants to be the fielder who ruined a no-hitter, there probably wasn’t a single batter in the Sox line-up who wanted to be known as the guy who couldn’t get Jon Lester any run support in his big comeback game. Duriung that five-run outburst over the first two innings, our hitters were clearly in the business of getting on base and driving runs in. And business was good.

A couple of nice touches during the NESN broadcast: First, that bit where they showed Lester high-fiving his teammates before taking the mound. Second, keeping the feed going while Lester walked out to the mound, showing a number of Sox fans in attendance rising to their feet. But then they cut away. I know you gotta keep the advertisers happy, but couldn’t the powers that be at NESN just say, “Look here, Sullivan Tire and WB Mason, Jon freakin’ Lester’s back tonight, so we’ll get to your horsesh-t next inning.” Better yet, hit up withered bazillionaire and “super fan” Jack Welch for some green to cover those spots where breaking for commercial just doesn’t feel right.

Meanwhile, Trot Nixon didn’t see a lot of action last night, but apparently he’s been up to no good. Check this story from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer about how Trot has become the Chief Prankster in the Indians Clubhouse. They had me at the opening:

Trot Nixon’s teammates don’t know it yet, but they should be afraid. The Indians outfielder has been plotting and planning. He has been scheming and concocting new ways to improve and outdo what no one thinks can be improved or outdone.

So when Nixon lowers his voice and leans in conspiratorially, it is to share the details that not a soul in the Tribe locker room is privy to.

“Condiments,” he says, eyebrows raising, head bobbing knowingly.

Yeah, I’d agree that any time Trot’s bobbing his head knowingly, sh-t’s gonna go down real soon.