Man, nothing like a visit from the Devil Rays to beef up your stats. Bleedin’ 21 hits, with 5 from The Beard of Reason and a collective 5 from Manny and Ortiz. And Josh Beckett collects his twelfth win as easily as I swipe the newspaper off Old Man Tarses’ front stoop. For my money, though, the highlight came when Hideki Okajima’s trip to the All-Star Game was confirmed on the Fenway scoreboard, and the crowd went nuts. If you missed the video of Okajima bowing politely to the crowd, check the previous post.

And that trouncing wasn’t limited to the field. I mean, look what we did to their mascot:

Hopefully we’ll carry some of that offense into this weekend’s Tigers series, because it’ll be interesting to see how we stack up against a veritable playoff contender. Especially since the last time we faced one — in Seattle — things didn’t go so well. It all kicks off tonight with the Battle of the Worst Roster Photos Ever.

Also, Jacoby Ellsbury got shown the door after last night’s game. But with the looming trade deadline, we’ll likely be hearing his name again very soon.