If the guy can still play the banjo like he could a few years ago, it may be time to find a couple buddies that can play the whiskey jug and the washboard bass and get the band back together.

Seriously, this sh*t is gonna happen. The Tigers score runs, lots of runs. JT is the 5th pitcher in the rotation. Do the math. It’s not the end of the world, believe it or not, it’s not even the end of the season. Sure, the basement dwellers on WEEI will be calling to bring up Lester, but consider the source. The Sox have been patient with Lester, let’s keep it that way. We don’t want another Cla Merideth, or God forbid, Calvin Schiraldi.

And as Red pointed out yesterday, when a team scores 15 runs, the next day they seem to be swinging the extra heavy bats and have trouble finding their way around the bases. Is there some secret baseball rule that mandates a team scoring 12+ runs must go out and get puking-on-your-shoes drunk just to give the next night’s team a fighting chance?

Meanwhile, what the hell is this?
Did the Tigers get invited to go off to see the Wizard, or did the Sox lose to the extras from a Queer Eye episode gone bad?

And, hey, you could be a fan of the other Sox team who got the boots put to ’em in a double-header against the Twins while giving up a combined 32 runs.

Anyway, Saturday it’s all about a man called Gabbard. And the bats.