What better way to start your Thursday and wash away the taste of a series lost to Kansas City than this curious pic of Mike “Scenic” Lowell, channeling his inner Marky-Mark in a Spanish version of People Magazine from a few years back. You can click the photo for a larger version. Translated into English, the copy, I am told, goes something like this:

My Body
The combination of lifting weights and being outside all the time where we’re sweating constantly helps keep us in shape.

My Advice
Now that I’m one of the 50 most beautiful people, I’m going to stop bathing and using deodorant and brushing my teeth.

Nobody Knows
I watch soap operas. Not regularly but if I’m changing the channel and I see a beautiful woman, I stop to watch.

Your starting third baseman: He’s just like us!

Thanks to good pal Kristen from Basegirl for the photo and translation services.