I brought this up last week on FanHouse, but on this slow off-day before the trade deadline, I would like to once again call attention to a cool bit from the Plain-Dealer, detailing the mutual appreciation society that has blossomed between Manny and the Injun’s Ryan Garko.

Clubhouse attendant Frank Mancini was busy the past few days facilitating gift exchanges between Indians first baseman Ryan Garko and Red Sox left fielder Manny Ramirez.

When Garko asked for a pair of Manny’s custom-made batting gloves, Ramirez instructed Mancini to “give him whatever you want.”

Mancini took two pair – one used, one unused – back to Garko.

When Mancini gave Ramirez two of Garko’s bats, Manny was disappointed to see neither featured a signature. Garko was stunned that Ramirez, an 11-time All-Star, would want them signed by a still-unproven player. Garko, of course, signed.