There they are, sports fans, the guys who teamed up to beat the mighty Boston Red Sox. Straight out of the casting call for Revenge of the Nerds 17: We Like Boogers!

Leo Nunez, in his first major league start, pitched four innings giving up just one run. Jimmy Gobble – no joke, that’s his name – got two outs in the fifth and ended up getting credit for the win. Tim Wakefield, meanwhile, fell prey to the offensive juggernaut that is the Royals’ line-up. Wake was cruising through the first three, throwing just 25 pitches to get nine outs. He showed glimpses of Shaky Wake in the fourth and fifth before completely imploding in the seventh and making a laugher out of this one. The bats had their chances – 12 hits, three walks and two KC errors – but only managed three runs.

Maybe there is something to a team with a huge lead losing their edge? Well, the lead is now at eight after another Yankee win. Still comfortable, but close enough that the Sox can hear footsteps in the distance. Time to get the fire back and make sure the rest of the AL East sees nothing but taillights the rest of the way. To start the show, we put the ball in the hand of Mr. Julian Tavarez. No way the Sox lose the series to KC. No way.