First things first, quote of the season already goes to Julio Lugo, as noted in Tuesday’s Herald:

“Bananas,” Lugo said when asked how he was doing after the Red Sox’ 7-3 win against Texas. “I feel bananas every day. If you’re playing for the Boston Red Sox, how are you going to feel?”

Not since Gwen Stefani in “Hollaback Girl” has there been a cooler banana reference that I can recall.

Of course, the Looger capped his slump-busting game Tuesday by going 0-for-3 yesterday, but we’re all quite confident that he’s gonna get that average over .200 by the All-Star break.

Coming off a laugher-turned-into-a-close-one and another nice performance by West Roxbury High’s own Manny Delcarmen, we’ve got Josh Beckett against JP Howell tonight, which is kinda like Superman kicking your grandmother’s ass.

Also, on an unrelated note, here’s a brief clip I shot at Monday night’s game, featuring Manny on second base. Not the most exciting thing you’ll see all year; I just like the kinda nonchalant way he meanders back and forth before getting down into position with an exaggerated shoulder roll. Like he’s performing in a dinner theatre version of Godspell, taking place entirely in his mind.